Reality Plus Realty

Real Estate is my passion rather than my profession.  .

I always believe that you can only be successful in the job you love.  That's why I decided to get my Real Estate Broker's license in 1993.  Worked as an accountant most of my professional career, I would spend my weekend reading real estate classified, tour open houses, window shopping at Home Depot just to charge up for the week.  After getting my broker's license, I focused my effort as a "buyer's agent".  Unlike other realtors, I used "cost approach" analyze every investment based on its appreciation potential, monthly breakeven point, financing options, reserve needed and return on investment before I write the offer for my clients.  And of course, I treated every deal as if it is my own. 

With that, my business actually grow with my clients.  Most of my clients stay with me for over 10 years.  I become their personal advisor in finance and real estate. Most of the properties I managed were bought with my help.  My network of clients are built on trust.

In today's market, rental income return on a newer single family home can easily be over 20% if you pick the right home.  Let alone the huge appreciation potential if the market is ever back to "normal".  And I am proud to say that my average vacancy rate on all properties I managed is less than 0.1%.  Really, check my record.

In today's market, you don't need a reatlor, you need a partner.  A partner that will stay with you and not just disappear after cashing the commission check.  Email or call me today.

                              Sherry Wang, realtor
                              Certified Public Accountant (w/attestation, CA 82251)
                              Certified Internal Auditor (36938)
                              Certified Management Accountant (17304)
                              Certified in Financial Management (1726)